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When you buy our products/services, your purchase is covered by our 3 days money back guarantee. If you are, for any reason, not entirely happy with your purchase, we will cheerfully issue a full refund, subject to deductions for legal documents or services provided. To request a refund under this guarantee, you must contact us within the first 3 days of your account activation. Just send an email to from your registered email id. Read our full Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

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Answers to most common questions.

Registration to the portal is not directly available. You have to buy any plan of your choice and after successful payment you will get an email in your inbox to complete your registration by providing your preferred username and password. Your account will be instantly activated.

User id is created by you at the time of completing registration process. however, you can also use your registered email address as user id.

It is very simple. Login to your accout and buy any plan of your choice from the Join Us page.

No. At present there is no such restriction for fair use. However, if there is misuse of multiple logins by any user then we may impose restrictions.

You can reset the password with password reset link or forget password in Member Login menu. If it does not fix the issue please contact us on from registered email.

Yes. Our site is fully compatible with mobile and tablet device and all content can be browsed on hand held device. 

Our site has a feature called PWA which enables user to add Taxpundit to Home Screen. Once added an icon will appear on your Android or IOS device and can be used to surf the site without any browser.

To install the app in Android device :- 

1. Open any browser and in address bar type Wait till it fully loads.

2. You should see a pop-up that has Taxpundit icon and a button that reads “Add to Home Screen”.

3. Click on it and App will be added to your home screen. Wait for the install to complete.

4. Go to your home screen and open the App. 

To install the app in IOS device :- 

1. You can add Taxpundit App by taping “Add to Home Screen” button in the share menu of the browser. (Look for the square screen with an up arrow in the foreground).

2. Once added you can browse the App and all case laws from your IOS device.

After successful payment please check your inbox to complete registration. If you do not get the email write to us on

Yes. All case laws are in pdf format and you can download, save and print them without any restrictions.

After login buy new plan of your choice. Balance credit in the existing plan will be utilised by suitably extending expiry date of the upgraded plan. You will not loose anything. 

No. If you are not satisfied  then you must contact us within 3 days of account activation to process the refund.

You will find different charts below case laws table which are created on the basis of table content in front of you. When you search the case laws table the charts also follow the search keyword and charts too show result based on your search criterion. 

Yes. Our site is fully responsive and you can access it with your mobile phone and tablet by  typing in the adress bar of the browser. Alternative you can add Taxpundit App to your home screen as explained in another faq.